The Life and Times of Kathleen Hills

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February 29, 2008, 9:22 pm
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Why people pay for a website. I have been driving myself crazi(er) for the past week trying to figure out html, css, ftp, asp, xml, php, and whatever else (spry?). I am no further than I was, but much humbler.  So I have dumped Dreamweaver for ‘PageBreeze’. Not so much a breeze, but I have finally figured out that if I divide the page up into single-celled tables, I can put stuff where I want it.  Don’t tell me if that is not going to work!!  Let me go in in blissful ignorance for a time.

I have my domain all transferred and the webhost set. A place in California with a fella named Jason probably working out of his garage.  A slipup with my credit card, and he was on the phone (international!) in minutes.  What a guy.

It’s Friday night and I’m taking a break to watch Poirot. I wish they’d show Rumpole.


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