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February 25, 2008, 3:55 pm
Filed under: Initial foray

Blog day one:  I’ve spent the past few days trying to create a website, not something any of you reading this would find particularly  interesting.  Hearing about the ins and outs of putting it together, that is. The finished product is guaranteed to be fascinating.  It’s involved quite a bit of time checking out other sites. Being a Luddite, I hardly ever go on the web except when forced.  Oh, gee, I was about to begin complaining about the quality of the average website, and I had promised myself no griping onblog for at least the first week.

I am back in Aberdeenshire, and the usual raging gale, (I’m not griping!!) after a too short visit home to Minnesota. It was real winter there; Snow, unrelenting sunshine, minus 20 every night—perfect!

Here’s my odd thing of the day: In the US I hardly know anyone who doesn’t play golf, at least now and again. In six years in Scotland, the heart and soul and birthplace of the game, I have yet to meet a single golfer.

Back to work.


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Hi, Kathleen–Welcome to the blogosphere from another newbie! I don’t post as often as I’m told I “should”. I’m swamped with other learning curves at the moment. Have you read any of M.C. Beaton’s Hamish MacBeth mysteries? (Set in Scotland) Have fun exploring your options!


Comment by Marian Allen

Hi Marian,
I have read a couple Hamish McB books. I haven’t seen any of the tv adaptations. I’m told they are filmed in a town not too far distant, Plockton, or as I refer to it ‘Plopton’ (a windy day>an upended newsstand=an upended me). The scars are fading.
Are personal on-blog replies kosher? Is saying ‘kosher’ somehow not pc? Is using the term ‘pc’ online confusing? Is commenting on one’s own blog not the done thing? I do have so much to learn!

Comment by kathleenhills

Welcome to the blogosphere! I live in the US, and nearly everyone I know doesn’t play golf.

I do enjoy watching Tiger Woods play, though. 🙂

Comment by spyscribbler

PS: And yes, it’s kosher. I always reply to my visitor’s comments with a comment. 🙂

Comment by spyscribbler

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